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About the Artist

     Thank you for viewing my portfolio.  I paint because it is what I love and who I am. My art journey started at a young age and progressed with encouragement from my family first, and then from my collectors.

     My art is inspired by color, line, shape and movement, independent of any subject matter. It is endlessly fascinating to put down a color or shape on the paper and then let the painting tell me what is next. This method leaves the artist open to any possibility or direction. The results will hopefully leave room for the viewer to find his own story there as well.

     Recent work is often an abstraction of these elements, interpreted with various mediums. Watercolor, acrylic, pastel and collage are favorites, but I use any medium that helps me tell the story. My collages sometimes include seaweed, grass or shells.

     I paint in my home studio near San Francisco, a beautiful place to find inspiration for sure. My work is found in private collections internationally and has received numerous awards. The work is exhibited by a number of galleries and art-reps in California. I have participated in multiple group and solo shows in the Bay Area, in the Wine Country and at Lake Tahoe. I am a signature member of California Watercolor Association. Current gallery representation: and

     I hope my paintings add a kick of color and life in your home or work environment. Commissions are welcome.

You can contact me at:

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